End-to-End Mobile Device Lifecycle Management

As mobile phone customers continue holding on to their phones longer, mobile carriers are looking for new ways to improve sales and performance. A strong mobile strategy is one that helps you find opportunities to monetize your mobile program across the full device lifecycle management value chain. And you don’t have to do it alone. Assurant offers end-to-end solutions to help you maximize revenue across your program while you provide a differentiated customer experience that drives loyalty to your brand.

The End-to-End Mobile Support You’ll Get with Assurant


Asset Disposition

Assurant is the global leader in asset disposition. There’s a major opportunity for mobile carriers to build a reliable revenue stream from the used device market. By leveraging direct-to-consumer sales in addition to wholesale partners, Assurant moves your used devices quickly and makes sure they’re sold for the highest prices. As a leading expert in reverse logistics and asset disposition, we help you:

  • Gain the greatest lifetime value from each recovered device
  • Increase volume of recovered devices as newer and smarter devices hit the market
  • Leverage Assurant’s wholly owned repair and logistics centers to optimize the disposition process
  • Increase availability of non-new devices to minimize equipment costs
  • Mitigate exposure to excess and obsolete equipment

The used device market is forecasted to grow four to five times greater than the overall smartphone market in coming years. Take advantage of the revenue opportunities in this market by collaborating with Assurant, and ensure your customers get the most value for their trade-ins while you receive top dollar for end-of-life devices.

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Mobile Device Protection Solutions

Your customers depend on their mobile devices every day, which means the customer experience you provide is directly tied to how you protect those devices. Offer mobile customers the assurance that their devices are fully protected, while also staying ahead of competitors with innovative device protection solutions.

From pre-paid to post-paid, from high-end devices to your least expensive options, Assurant offers protection plans that work for you – and your customers. Features and benefits include:

  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Accidental Damage
  • Loss & Theft
  • OEM Solutions


Mobile Device Trade-in & Upgrade Programs

Assurant is the global leader in trade-in and upgrade programs. To maximize the trade-in and upgrade value for your customers – and disposition value for you – an accurate pricing process is key. At Assurant, our experts use a patent-pending tool called GHOST (Global Handset Offer and Sales Tool) to boost the trade-in value from returned devices while providing a streamlined upgrade experience for your customers. Through our unique combination of human expertise and machine learning and analytics, we provide:

  • Rich data and analytics for predictive price modeling for trade-in value
  • Optimal trade-in offers, as well as the highest after-market prices
  • The maximum value for every device

Assurant consistently beats offer prices of top competitors and retailers for device trade-ins by 15% or more and has processed more than 15 million devices over the past two years. And, as on of the most experienced asset disposition partners in the world, we know how to help you convert those numbers into revenue that boosts your bottom line.

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Mobile Device Claims & Fulfillment Process

Losing or breaking a phone is bad enough. But any problems or delays in the claims process makes it worse for customers. Assurant has an advanced claims process that uniquely combines human expertise and artificial intelligence to deliver an exceptional customer experience while mitigating fraud. The fulfillment process includes a variety of options, including local same-day repairs through our nationwide network of repair locations to fulfill claims quickly and keep your customers satisfied.


Mobile Device Technical Support

Customers need problems with their devices to be resolved quickly. And they want to get the support they need using their preferred channel. That means you need:

  • Skilled technicians
  • Full technical support
  • Multichannel communications

We have all three. Using our tech center’s device diagnostics, self-service tools and device co-browsing capabilities, your customers get industry-best technical support, which increases customer satisfaction and improves your issue-resolution ratings.

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Mobile Device Financing

Flexible financing increases sales and makes the purchase of high-margin devices easier for your customers. Our mix of leasing and loan options helps improve customer acquisition and retention to drive ongoing value for you.

Flexible Financing Options

  • Installment loans
  • Residual-based leases
  • Interest-based loans