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Every property owner should have flood insurance to protect themselves from the unexpected. At Assurant, we provide the tools to make that possible, but you’re the one property owners look to for guidance about their flood policies and coverage options.

Though NFIP products are standardized, the support you and your customers get from Assurant is not. We help you deliver exceptional customer experiences and coverage because we treat your customers like they’re ours.  

As the #2 largest WYO provider and an original member of the NFIP, we bring a lot to the table when it comes to giving your customers the experience they deserve when they need it most.


Superior Claims Management

17,312 claims were processed at Assurant last year, helping agents like you deliver quickly to their policyholders in need

Premium Customer Service

Win and retain business when you deliver exceptional customer experiences

In-House Processing

Underwriting and servicing are all done in-house at Assurant, giving your customers a seamless experience from start to finish


With 40+ years’ experience and boots on the ground in Washington D.C., we have the compliance and industry expertise you want on your side

Offer Your Residential Customers Flood Wrap & Excess Coverage

• Complements an NFIP policy by providing increased amounts on NFIP coverage limits


• Offers optional excess flood coverage up to $500,000 above the NFIP’s limit


• Pays Loss of Use/Temporary Living Expenses—up to $100 per day or $2,000 per month for a maximum of $20,000 per occurrence—if home is flooded due to a covered loss and declared unlivable


• Pays up to $5,000 for personal property and $5,000 for real property damage in basements per occurrence


• Pays up to $2,500 for flood damage to golf carts and up to $1,000 for trailers per occurrence


• Additional deck and handicap ramp coverage of $2,500


Ask Us About Flood Warp & Excess 

Whatever questions your customers have about their policies



  • Single Family Home
  • Two-to four-family home
  • Unit in residential condo

General Property

  • Five or more unit building (other residential) not eligible for condo policy
  • Non-residential structure
  • Non-residential condo

Residential Condominium Building Association Policy

  • Issued to residential condo association on behalf of the association or owners

Standard Flood Insurance (SFIP)

  • Emergency and regular program
  • Rate non-condo building without elevation certificate
  • Rates based on price per hundred, using any flood zone

Preferred Risk Policy (PRP)

  • Discounted policy for buildings in moderate-to-low-risk flood zones
  • Must currently be in a B, C, X, A99 or AR zone

Newly Mapped Policy

  • For properties newly mapped into special flood hazard area (SFHA)
  • A cost-effective alternative for getting flood insurance