Assurant Performance Institute can drive your dealership to higher bottom-line profits and greater customer satisfaction with our dealership training programs, all while helping you maintain compliance with state and federal regulations. With training for salespeople, FSMs, sales managers, and other employees, our Finance and Insurance training courses prepare every member of your team for success. We’ve taught tens of thousands of dealer professionals how to thrive in the automotive retail industry. We offer high-performance automotive finance training programs that produce increased profits and measurable behavior changes for our clients.

Here's what our Finance and Insurance training can do for your dealerships: F&I Training Benefits

  • Successfully manage change in your organization
  • Drive departmental-process improvement with a focus on ROI
  • Maximize fixed-operations results
  • Improve lease-customer retention
  • Leverage customer feedback to build sales loyalty
  • Assess and improve: sell it right, deliver it right, and fix it right
  • Conduct behavioral skills training
  • Assess CSI or customer loyalty criteria
  • Help reduce compliance risk


F&I Training is a Process, Not an Event

Our interactive teaching method uses group discussion, roleplay, and performance evaluation to ensure each employee's thorough understanding and competency. These practice sessions simulate real-world experiences, and model the skills necessary to increase an employee's grasp of customer-centered selling.

As part of the training courses, we do performance evaluations and we give feedback to determine your employees' proficiencies & behavior, while managing the potential for lasting changes in performance.

We offer a Chicago-based FSM course, along with in-dealership classes, and customized training options. All our training consultants have passed a rigorous three-step certification process in all the courses they lead. Our consultants have valuable years of retail experience and multi-franchise experience.


F&I Training

Multiple Training Options

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